European Customer Relationship Network

Is the International Contact Media Center Network specialised in Customer Relatonship Management, to develope new business opportunities and increase Customer's value.

European Customer Relationship Network

The excellence of its members, tailor-made proposals, high quality level of services, and effective solution design make EU crn a unique network.

European Customer Relationship Network

Competence, high-level profiles, permanent staff on the territory and international interconnection are the assests EU-crn focuses on.

European Customer Relationship Network

Being part of EU-crn means providing the Client with Excellence, Quality and Experience.

Who we are


EU-crn is a Contact media center International Network specialised in Customer Relationship Management. The Companies which are part of the Network represent the best business process outsourcing in their own Countries thanks to a qualified staff which is familiar with local language, traditions and culture.
EU-crn is the only international network offering the best as far as Customer Relationship Management (outsourcing CRM). To achieve this, all member companies have integrated their backgrounds of years of experience and their deep knowledge of the territory. Thanks to streamlined logistics, fast communication and effective customised solutions, EU-crn has become a real and unique CRM expert.
EU-crn is the ideal partner taking care of relations in any public or private sector: banking, insurance, manufacturing, non-profit associations. A permanent team on the territory and an international interconnection, guarantees effectiveness, time to market and high quality standards, which are tailored to the Customer’s specific needs as well as to the reference market peculiarities.


EU-crn aims at fulfilling local customers' needs by managing and developing value added relationships
EU-crn takes care of end Customers, sorting out their requirements, interpreting their wishes and collecting their expectations.
This is how EU-crn is able to start new business opportunities, customizing solutions and guarateeing the same high-quality level on several markets.
A great vision allows EU-crn to be the first in reaching goals, by followig, step by step, a qualified process in line with all customer’s requests.
EU-crn’s team represents a real value. Passion, far-sightedness, devotion and creativity allow to a motivated staff to easily achieve all targets. A group of dedicated experts always a step ahead of both their expectations and competitors.


Service reliability, world-class technologies and fully customized solutions are the main features of EU-crn.
Effective and multichannel solutions are developed by high qualified profiles and dedicated teams who are trained and motivated on the basis of the culture of their Country of origin.
EU-crn member companies offer the best in terms of services, team and technologies. This is the key of a sucessful working method aimed at customer satisfaction.
A Unique structure gathering all Members’ with the aim of enhancing each individual's specific nature.
Which is the result? A successful integraterd performance which is fast, innovative and customer oriented. Nothing is left to chance since clients’ satisfaction is also Be CRN's one.


Centax Telecom


Established in 1994, Centax Telecom is a leading Contact Media Center specialized in Outsourcing, with a multichannel approach to Customer Experience.


United Kingdom

We supply a wide range of professional outsourced telephone answering services across the UK and worldwide, providing customer experiences through bespoke call answering services tailored to your company’s precise requirements.

Grupo TKS


We supply a wide range of professional outsourced telephone answering services across the UK and worldwide, providing customer experiences through bespoke call answering services tailored to your company’s precise requirements.


EU-crn is specialised in Customer Relationship Management
7 days a week, 24 hours a day, EU-crn promptly fulfils all customers’ requirements providing a support in three key areas: sales, marketing and operation.
Support is delivered to a full range of touch points: Phone, internet, Email, Sms, Chat, Social Media.


Appointment scheduling, Quotation and contract renewal, Booking, Up-sell and Cross-sell actions, E-commerce.


Info line, Promotions and Competitions, Telepromotions, Customer Profiling, Market Researches, Lead Generation, Loyalty Programs, Customer Satisfaction.


After-sales and Technical Support, Ticket Management, Customer Retention, Help Desk. Quality Control through mystery call, IVR systems and call recording. Social Management and Back Office.


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